Course 'Foundations of Research - 1'

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Course ‘Foundations of Research – 1’

Sources & Methods of Source Analysis


Aimed at: Research MA-students and PhD-students in the initial stages of their research.

Period: 3-5 days during the last week (week 5) of January 2020 (depending on the number of participants).

Location: course center, the Dominican House at Huissen (with 2-4 overnight stays)

Course Co-ordinator: Prof. dr. P.C.M.

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25ste Mediëvistendag: Programma

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25ste Mediëvistendag

Vrijdag 8 november 2019

Universiteit Antwerpen

Stadscampus, R-gebouw (ingang Rodestraat of Lange Winkelstraat)


De 25ste Mediëvistendag zal op vrijdag 8 november 2019 gehouden worden in Antwerpen met als thema: "Ruimte en afstand in de Middeleeuwen". De dag zal bestaan uit een

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UCMS Seminar: How to Work with Sammelbände? Understanding the Van Buchell Collection

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How to work with Sammelbände? Understanding the Van Buchell collection

UCMS Seminar on Premodern Reading Cultures – 11 October 2019, Special Collections, Utrecht
University Library
The yearly UCMS Seminar will take place on October 11th. As last year, it will be devoted to the
theme of Premodern Reading Cultures, around the specific object of 16th century Sammelbände and
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