Material Culture

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Course Medieval Material Culture 2019 - 2020 (5 ECTS)

This course will be dealing with various kinds of material culture as sources for knowledge and research. A basic premise is that material sources are of the same level of relevance as other kinds of sources, like written sources. As with all kinds of sources the reliability of elements of material culture is a fascinating topic that will be

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Medieval Latin

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Course Medieval Latin 2019 - 2020 (5 ECTS)

The course trains medieval historians, art historians and literary historians in the practical reading of all sorts of source texts/source text types written in medieval Latin. The participants bring in texts from, or related to, their own research projects. Aim of the course is to considerably widen the use of primary sources in the practicing of

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Course 'Foundations of Research - 1'

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Course ‘Foundations of Research – 1’

Sources & Methods of Source Analysis


Aimed at: Research MA-students and PhD-students in the initial stages of their research.

Period: 3-5 days during the last week (week 5) of January 2020 (depending on the number of participants).

Location: course center, the Dominican House at Huissen (with 2-4 overnight stays)

Course Co-ordinator: Prof. dr. P.C.M.

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