"Becoming a Roman Student"

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Masterclass by Prof. W. Martin Bloomer, June 12th 2017, 13.30-15.30


In collaboration with the Agricola Seminar, the Netherlands Research School for Medieval Studies organizes a masterclass with Prof. W. Martin Bloomer (University of Notre Dame) on  June 12th at Groningen.


This masterclass concerns the following:

The experience of becoming a student, in late antiquity and the middle ages,

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Rema Course "Introduction in the Study of Communication, Literacy and Knowledge and their Exploitation in the Middle Ages" 2017

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Coordination: Prof. Marco Mostert (Utrecht University)

An advanced course, covering the current state of affairs in the field of medieval communication, literacy (including orality and ‘visuality’) and various forms and traditions of knowledge. 

There are eight sessions (11.15-14.00), alternately in Utrecht and Groningen, between 31 March and 30 June.

The course is offered to full-time ReMa

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PhD Course 'Fundamenten van het eigen onderzoek' / 'Foundations of Own Research'

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Cursus ‘Fundamenten van het eigen onderzoek’  voor 2e-jaars  promovendi


Coördinatie: Prof. em. Peter Raedts/Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen  & Prof. em. Paul Wackers/Universiteit Utrecht
Utrecht, 21 juni  en zo nodig 22 juni 2017, en 'terugkomdag'.
Aanmeldingen graag zo spoedig mogelijk, maar uiterlijk 28 februari 2017, bij het secretariaat van de school: ozsmed@rug.nl


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