How to make money in the business of books

Masterclass by Prof. Andrew Pettegree (University of Saint-Andrews, Scotland)

Date: Thursday 29 March 2018, 12:00-17:00


Location: University Library Utrecht (Campus Uithof), Special Collections, Bucheliuszaal


Andrew Pettegree is Professor of Modern History University of Saint-Andrews (Scotland). One of the

leading experts on book history in the Early Modern period, the Reformation, and the history of the

beginnings of news, he has recently published several books that have attracted equal attention and

praise from the scientific community and from the general media and public, among which The Book

in the Renaissance (2010), The Invention of News (2014), and Brand Luther (2015). His latest research

project is specifically focused on the book culture of the Dutch Republic: it will lead to the

publication of a book in 2019, Trading Books in the Age of Rembrandt, co-authored with Arthur Der



During his stay as Visiting Fellow at the Centre for the Humanities (Utrecht University), Prof. Andrew

Pettegree will offer a Masterclass for Research Master and PhD students on book history and

material bibliography, around the general theme of the business of books in the early modern



The goals of this workshop are to: offer students an overview of the latest research and approaches

in the field of book history on this topic; get acquainted with material bibliography and develop their

analytical skills in this discipline thanks to hands-on work with early modern material from the

Special Collections of the University Library of Utrecht.

This workshop will be especially useful for students working on the late medieval and early modern

societies, to learn to reflect on early modern media and on material culture.

For this workshop, Andrew Pettegree will be assisted by Arthur der Weduwen (author of Dutch and

Flemish Newspapers of the Seventeenth Century (2 vols., Leiden: Brill, 2017).

Two weeks before the Masterclass, the registered students will receive literature to study





12:00-13:00: Meeting with the students and lunch

First session: why did publishers go bankrupt in the first age of print?

Short break

Second session: How to make money in the business of books

17:00: end of the Masterclass


Attendance and credits


The Masterclass is integrated to the course History of the Early Modern Book (TLRMV16416),

instructor: Jeroen Salman, Teaching Period 3, open to Research Master students from the UU and

from other Dutch Universities.


The Masterclass is also open, as an individual module, to Research Master students and PhD

candidates affiliated to the following graduate schools:

- Huizinga Instituut

- Onderzoekschool Mediëvistiek


The students affiliated to these graduate schools will receive credits (1 ECTS) for this Masterclass,

upon completing an assignment (a short memorandum on how they link the acquired knowledge

with their own research).

It is also interesting for the students of the following Research Master programmes (UU):

- Research Master Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance studies (GKG);

- Research Master History (GKG);

- Research Master History and Philosophy of Sciences (Science/Natural Sciences);

- Research Master Dutch Literature (TLC, track Early Modern Literature);

- PhD students from ICON interested in (early modern) media;


Attendance is free of charge (lunch included).




There are 25 places available (first-come, first-served basis). Please register by sending an e-mail to  before 16 March 2018 (stating your membership of the research school)