ReMa Course "International Medieval Studies"

Dr. Rob Meens, Utrecht University

Netherlands Research School for Medieval Studies


April / June 2019

For 2nd year ReMa students (5 ECTS)

Venue: Utrecht, Leeds


Please register for this course by 10 September 2018 at the latest.


Research in Medieval Studies has become international in nature. Irrespective of the topics they study, medievalists are in contact with one another across national and continental boundaries. The trend is towards projects which are funded ever more often internationally. International projects in which participants from various countries take part are quickly becoming the norm. International congresses, such as the yearly gatherings at Kalamazoo and Leeds, are gaining in importance as venues for trying out new ideas, and for networking generally. Although publication in the medievalists’ mother tongues remains important, the results of their research need first and foremost to be brought before the international forum of their fellow scholars. In practice this means publication in English, e.g. in peer-reviewed journals, in conference proceedings, and in monographs. This course is meant as an advanced introduction to the internationalisation of Medieval Studies. Scholars from the Netherlands and abroad will discuss their experiences with this ever-developing situation, its challenges and opportunities. The course is recommended for all Research MA students in their second year who wish to embark on a scholarly career in Medieval Studies.


Students will be given the opportunity to experience the Leeds International Medieval Congress (1-4 July 2019, Thematic Strand: Materialities) at first hand. They will present the findings of the research which went into their Research MA theses in papers of 20 minutes. Because proposals for sessions at the Leeds IMC 2019 must be received by the end of September 2018,


Please register for this course by 10 September at the latest, giving a provisional title for the paper you wish to present, at


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