Rema Course "Introduction in the Study of Communication, Literacy and Knowledge and their Exploitation in the Middle Ages" 2017

Coordination: Prof. Marco Mostert (Utrecht University)

An advanced course, covering the current state of affairs in the field of medieval communication, literacy (including orality and ‘visuality’) and various forms and traditions of knowledge. 

There are eight sessions (11.15-14.00), alternately in Utrecht and Groningen, between 31 March and 30 June.

The course is offered to full-time ReMa students of the School. On request, PhD students may also be allowed to participate. Credits: 5 ECTS.

The formal registration period has expired. If you still want to register, please send an e-mail to the secretariat of the school as soon as possible:




Class I:  Introduction 
Friday, 31 March, Marco Mostert (Location: Utrecht)
Introduction to the course: Why study the Middle Ages? Why in particular studying Communication and Knowledge in the Middle Ages?
Class II: Communities of Interpretation and Cultural Appropriation
Friday 7 April, Suzan Folkerts (Location: Groningen)
Class III: Power and Diversity (Definitions and Forms) 
Friday 21 April, Catrien Santing (Location: Groningen)  
Class IV: What Is It To Write and Read, and How Is This to Be Investigated?
Friday 12 May, Marco Mostert (Location:Utrecht)
Handing in proposal final essay: Friday 12 May
Feedback on proposals: 13-18 May
Class V: Communication: Definition, Forms and Genres
Friday 19 May, Marco Mostert (Location: Utrecht)
Class VI: Fields of Learning: Play and Knowledge Exchange in Twelfth-Century Monastic Communities
Friday 9 June, Babette Hellemans (Location: Groningen)
Class VII: Literacy and Communities of Reading 
Friday 16 June, Corbellini (Location: Groningen)
Class VIII: Concluding meeting of teachers and students
Friday 30 June (Location: Utrecht).
In this class the participating students will present the findings of the research that went into their papers. We will also evaluate the course together.


Papers will be graded and the grades made known by 1 July at the latest.