22nd Medieval Studies Day: Research Master's Assignment

22nd Medieval Studies Day
‘Readjusting the Middle Ages’
Utrecht, 11 November 2016
Research Master’s assignment
This assignment is part of your participation in Medieval Studies Day within the framework of the Research Master’s degree programme offered by the Netherlands Research School for Medieval Studies (student workload: 1 ECTS).
You are expected to write a report and a brief essay (in Dutch or English) and submit these to Marco Mostert via e-mail (m.mostert@uu.nl) before 11 December 2016.
1. Attend the day.

2. Write a brief report on the two plenary lectures (Santing, Weber) and four of the presentations held by PhD students during the parallel sessions.

3. Write a 2 to 3-page essay on the question of ‘why we need to readjust our image of the Middle Ages’, incorporating views from the literature listed below. Make use of the plenary lectures held at the Medieval Studies Day, and also include views that may not have been aired that day. In your essay you should at least define the most important similarities and differences between the approaches discussed and indicate which one of these appeals to you most, and why.


Mediävistik im 21. Jahrhundert. Stand und Perspektiven der internationalen und interdisziplinären Mittelalterforschung. Ed. Hans-Werner Goetz and Jörg Jarnut (München, 2003: MittelalterStudien, 1) [four articles of your choice].
Thomas A. Prendergast and Stephanie Trigg, ‘What is happening to the Middle Ages?’, in:
New Medieval Literatures, 9. Ed. Rita Copeland, David Lawton and Wendy Scase (Turnhout, 2007), pp. 215-229,
Teaching Medieval and Early Modern Cross-Cultural Encounters. Ed. Karina F. Attar and Lynn Shutters (New York, 2014: The New Middle Ages) [four articles of your choice].
Jennifer Summit and David Wallace, ‘Rethinking periodization’, Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 37.3 (2007), 447-451.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Marco Mostert if you have any questions or comments.