Masterclass Prof. R.F.Yeager: "Gower's Jews"

Prof. R.F. Yeager is based at the University of West Florida, and he is a specialist in Middle English and Anglo-French literature. He is the world's leading expert on John Gower, one of the most important medieval English poets, best known for his major English poem, theConfessio Amantis.



Masterclass for PhD and Research Master’s students

(1 ECTS)

Groningen, 10 November 2015

Oude Boteringestraat 23


Room 014

11.00-14.00 h


Students will read Prof. Yeager’s  unpublished essay “Gowers Jews”. On the basis of that they write a 3 page referee report for the essay with a clear judgment, to be handed in no later than 4 November 2015.

In class Prof. Yeager will show how he came to his conclusions and will together with the participants discuss their referee reports.

Please register no later than 1 November at the secretariat of the Research School,