Tenure-Track Position in pre-1900 European Literature (Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish or Scandinavian)

Ghent University. Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, department of Literary Studies.
Applications from individuals with transhistorical, transnational, translingual or interdisciplinary research interests are particularly welcome. This may include but is not limited to:
  • publications or research plans that cover more than one period (for example, studies tracing the development of a concept, trope or textual tradition from antiquity through the Middle Ages or the reception of Classical works in the early modern period).
  • publications or research plans that cover more than one national or language tradition (comparative approaches, the study of influence and imitation across borders, etc.)
  • publications or research plans that create bridges to other departments and disciplines (history, art history, archaeology, history of science, law, philosophy, etc.)
  • publications or research plans that involve innovative methodologies (for example, New Philology, New Historicism, Digital Humanities, history of the book, textual materialism, stylometry, computational philology)
The successful candidate will play a central role in the organization of the new two-year M.A. programme in Historical Linguistics and Literature (ancient, medieval and early modern). This M.A. programme teaches students to decipher texts from earlier periods and to situate them in their wider historical, social, cultural and philosophical context. Coursework focuses on diachronic linguistics, techniques of textual analysis, history of ideas and cultural history as well as period-specific topics in the various languages taught in the department. For more information on the programme, see: Candidates should have earned their PhD at least two years prior to the date of appointment (set for 1 February 2013, with 1 October 2013 as a negotiable alternative). They should be developing a strong publication profile in their field and should be able to contribute appropriately to the periodical research evaluation of the department. The university values highly research published in international, peer-reviewed venues, particularly in journals included in the Web of Science. The successful candidate will be expected to take an active role in research and have an interest in putting together collaborative projects capable of attracting external funding at both the regional and European level.
This is a tenure-track position. At the time of appointment, the lecturer and the university will agree upon a set of personalized goals, which will be laid out in an addendum to the tenure-track contract. After a five-year trial period, the lecturer will be granted tenure and promoted to Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) provided that s/he has met these goals. Candidates are encouraged to clarify in their applications not only their past research and publications but also their future research plans and how they might collaborate with research groups and with colleagues both inside and outside the department. It is recommended that candidates give as much detail as possible about future projects and plans including possible sources of funding and the venues to which research will be submitted. Ghent University is committed to internationalization and welcomes applications from foreign scholars. Knowledge of Dutch is not necessary to apply, but candidates should be willing to learn the language. The International Staff Office assists with the transition and orientation of foreign employees.
The deadline for application is likely to be 15 August 2012 (subject to confirmation), but candidates are advized to get in touch with the contact persons. Formal information on how to apply and the official announcement of the position (including confirmed deadline) will be available at: Enquiries are encouraged and may be emailed to Prof. Dr. Gert Buelens (, Chair of the Department of Literary Studies, and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pieters (

PhD Research fellow: "Caput Iohannis in Disco or St John's Head on a Platter"

University of Leuven.
History of Art, Iconology Research Group (Oct. 2012-Oct. 2016) in relation to the project: "Caput Iohannis in Disco or St John's Head on a Platter.
Deadline 1 August 2012
More information can be found on the website. You can also contact Professor dr. Barbara Baert at

Docent Methodologie en hulpwetenschappen van de middeleeuwse geschiedenis

Universiteit Gent. Deeltijd functie (40%) met ingang van 1 februari 2013.
Meer informatie kan worden verkregen bij prof. Erik Thoen: